From time to time we invite people to join our beta test program, and the process of getting the first test release on your iOS phone is not straightforward, so this article will go through it step by step.  Screenshots are from an iPhone 7 running iOS 15, so other phones and iOS versions may vary.

The download arrives in your email with an install link (the version numbers and What's new will vary):

click on the Install link.  In the unlikely event that this is the first time you have followed a link on your iPhone (I had just done a factory reset) you will be asked what browser app you want to use.  I selected Default browser app (all browsers are Safari on iOS, anyway)

You will then be taken to the Microsoft AppCentre website:

Click on +  Add Device

Click on Allow

Click on Close

Click on Profile Downloaded

Click on Install


Click on Install

Click on Install

Yup.  You got this...

Then open the PlaitMobile app which will be on your home screen in a few seconds.