From time to time we invite people to join our beta test program, and the process of getting the first test release on your Android phone is not straightforward, so this article will go through it step by step. Screenshots are from a OnePlus 3T running Android 9 / Oxygen 9.0.6 with Chrome as the default browser.  Other phones / Android versions and configurations may look different.

The invitation arrives in your email with a Sign up link:

Click on the Sign Up button, which takes you to the Microsoft App Center web site (which is what we use for running our beta test program)

Log in using one of the options.  This example uses a Google account.  Whichever option you use, the email address associated with it must be the one that received the invite to participate in the beta program.

You then get to chose a username on the App Center website (a default is suggested)

At the welcome screen, click on Get started

If everything works properly you should see that you access to one App (version numbers / dates / times etc will not be what you see here).  Tap on it.

Then tap on DOWNLOAD

Click Continue

Tap on ALLOW

Click on OK

Click on Open

By default, the browser is not allowed to install APK files that don't come from the Play Store.  You need to tap on SETTINGS to change this.

Slide the Allow from this source slider over.

Then tap on the arrow to go back.


Almost there!  Tap INSTALL

Here it comes.....

Click on OPEN...  Wait a second for the splash screen to appear and disappear and...

... cooking with gas!