Plait has a built-in email interface, and the hosted system uses to do the actual emailing (there is also an SMTP option, but that is beyond the scope of this FAQ).  

Once you have selected the Nodemailer - SES option the only configuration needed is to select your subdomain.  This is part of the address the email comes from.  Subdomains are restricted to lower case letters.  If you chose the subdomain mycareco then your emails would be from (though the reply-to address would actually be the address of the user generating the email).

You can also set up a signature, which is added to every email you sent from the organisation.  You can use this for your company information, disclaimers etc.

Once you have done this you should check it all works by sending an email.  If you select type Mark Chapman in the search box then you can try and send an email to our Admin to let him know you have configured things OK:

Once you have sent the email you can go into the context menu for the Mark Chapman (Admin) record again and select View Journal.  You will see your email at the top.  Click on it and at the bottom of the page you will see the status.  Statuses are as follows:

AcceptedThe email service has accepted the email for onward transmission - it looks valid
FailedSomething has gone wrong.  See Details below to try and figure out why.
DeliveredThe email service has delivered the email to the recipient's mail server (it has not necessarily reached their email client).  

Depending on their email client / browser privacy settings / browser plugins this may be the last status update the system receives, so even if a user has viewed the email it still appears as just Delivered.

This will be the status displayed when the email is in the recipient's spam / junk.
QueuedIt is in a queue for onward transmission
PendingThe email has been bounced, but not permanently - it will be retried.
ViewedThe recipient has opened the email
ClickedThe recipient has clicked on a link in the email
BlockedThe recipient has blocked incoming emails

Next to the status is a Details button which shows all the activity (including when it was first viewed and whether links have been clicked on).  If the message Fails the reason why will likely be shown here.

There is a short video about email sending in Plait here