In this document (and all our documentation) we will use the phrase Medication Slot to refer to a time of day when medications are taken.  For instance, a client might have a "Breakfast Meds Slot".  A Medication Session is an instance of a Medication Slot.  So you might say "Because Jean has an operation next Tuesday, she should not take her meds in the Tuesday Breakfast Meds Session".

Configuration of Medication Slots

Medication slots are configured on the Medication tab of the client record.  Slots can be added by clicking on the Add button at the bottom of the Medication Slots section.  Each slot comprises a description (which will appear both on the client calendar and on the mobile app), one or more time sets - which tell the system what the target time for taking the medication is, and what date that is the slot time from.  Slots which are no longer relevant will also have an end date in the Until field

Once a time has been specified the New Time button becomes enabled.

If the meds for a particular slot are no longer required, the slot can be finished.

Once the slots have been set up, the prescriptions can be added by clicking on the slot from which they need to be administered in the calendar.

Historical Note

Until 24th Feb 2020 all clients had four daily medication slots at 07:00, 12:00, 17:00 and 22:00.  From 25th Feb 2020 clients can have as many (or as few) medication slots as they require.  All clients who were on the system as at 17:50 24 Feb 2020 have had the appropriate slots set up.