Where appropriate, you can delete records by clicking on the Delete key 

Sometimes the system will prevent you from deleting a record because the record neesd to be retained, either for data integrity reasons (deleteing the record would cause other parts of the system to become invalid, as they depend on data that is no longer there), or because regulatory requirements mean that data has to be retained for a certain period. 

 In these cases you will get an Error deleting record , Bad Request (400) while deleting record  message along the lines of

where the bottom section gives details of the precise problem in this case.

So, if you can't delete data, how can you ensure that it doesn't keep popping up and getting in your way?  There are a couple of ways:

  1. Do nothing!  The results from the main Search (next to the Plait logo in the navigation bar) are ordered partly by how recently a record was accessed.  So if you stop looking at a record it just falls off the bottom of the list!
  2. Give the record an end date.  How you do this depends on the type of record - clients have contract end dates (or care finished dates if not using the scheduling part of the system), runs have end dates.
  3. In the case of system users you should suspend them (on the Security tab of the user record).