In most businesses the tariffs change from time to time - there is almost always an annual adjustment for inflation / national living wage, and occasionally changes are needed for special holiday arrangements and so forth.  This document details how to implement these changes.

We cannot just modify the current set of tariffs, since they will still be valid for any bookings earlier than the change date. Our first task is to work out the effective date (and sometimes time) of the changes and then (normally) to copy the preceding tariffs as a starting point for the amendments.  We do that by navigating to the Tariffs tab of the appropriate organisation and clicking the + button on the video controls component.  This brings up a dialog:

This dialog gives us the option of creating the new tariff scheme by copying the currently shown schema or the one that immediately preceeds our start date (these are often the same thing).

Once you have made your choice, click on the Create Schema button.  Your now have an additional tariff schema and you can navigate between schemas by using the forward > and back < buttons.  The first thing to do is modify the description on the new tariff schema (generally something like Post Uplift 2021 is preferred).

At this point you can start making the individual changes that prompted the new schema.  At the point of running the next invoices / payslips the system will recalculate the bookings using whichever tariff schema (or combination) is appropriate.