The best place to find videos about Plait is on our YouTube channel, which we recommend you subscribe to so that you are kept informed when new context is produced.

The list below will not be maintained over time as we will be focusing on Playlists in YouTube, but you may find it useful:

Introductory Training
Introduction to Plait33:13

"Deep Dives"
New ways of using Plait Mobile11:08
Searching for available care workers13:45
Availability Warnings02:59
Event audit
How location is used in Plait and Plait Mobile 
Crediting Invoices and Pay Advice
Managing holiday entitlement and booking leave
Holiday pay
An introduction to reviews03:19
Creating a tariff structure27:40
Running invoices and pay advice04:37
Breaks in bookings
Allocating an instance of a recurring booking using forms03:07
Setting up and using Email04:30
Switching Organisation context04:06
Setting up for Care workers to use public transport 02:04
Setting up to use Cancellations06:07
Cancellations (day-to-day activities)10:17
Moving into Daylight Savings Time02:12


Useful work in progress videos of stuff that has now been released
Setting up employee requirements pt 108:00
Setting up employee requirements pt 209:48
Setting up employee requirements pt 309:13
Setting up Employee Requirements - update10:31
Suspending a client03:46

Less useful work in progress videos of stuff that has now mostly been released
Training Matrix02:24
Care Planning - work in progress22:26