When you start to use the system the Invoicing and Payroll tab of the Organisation form is blank.  As you will know from the Running Invoices and generating Pay Advice documents FAQ you need to populate the Next Invoice Ref or Next Pay Advice Ref fields.  All other values are inherited from the "Top Level" organisation, including the default templates for Invoices and Pay Advice documents.

Generating your own templates

Although the default templates are usable out of the box (provided you have put your logo, sort code, account number and invoice terms etc in the organisation record) you may well have local requirements that are not met by the default templates - you might like to have your regulator logo appear, for instance.  This is very straightforward:

Download the default template

  1. Go to the Invoicing and Payroll tab of the Top Level organisation (where you have view only access so you can see the settings your organisation inherits)
  2. Click on the file glyph (or the filename ending .fodt) in the Invoice Template field / Pay Advice Template field

Modify the template

See documentation at https://www.plaitapp.org/help/merge-documents

Configure your organisation to use the template

  1.  Go to the Invoicing and Payroll tab of the organisation you want to set up
  2. Click on the Add Files... (in the case of invoicing) or Upload Pay Advice Template (in the case of Pay Advice) button
  3. Select your modified template.

Using more than one Invoice template

In the case of invoicing, you sometimes have to satisfy the conflicting requirements of different purchasers.  As you will already have seen, the Invoice Template field allows you to add multiple invoice templates.  Once you have done this additional fields will appear to allow you to specify which invoice template needs to be used:

  1. At the purchaser level in the Preferred Invoice Template select
  2. At the invoice level (this overrides any template selected at the purchaser level) in the Override Template select

Please note that you may need to log out of the system and back in again to pick up the additional template types.  If you don't specify an invoice template the system uses the first in the Invoice Template list on the Invoicing and Payroll tab.