It often happens that you will need to move a client or a care worker onto a new contract.  In the case of a client this might be because the local authority moves them onto a different cost centre, or they may start self funding.  In the case of a care worker they may get a promotion to a new pay grade.

You cannot just change the grade (in the case of care worker) or contract dropdown value (in the case of client) once bookings have been set up.

You need to follow this process:

  1. Set up the new contract (on the care worker Employment tab or the client Financial Tab)
  2. Transfer any relevant bookings across to that new contract
  3. Finish the old contract (if required)

If multiple contracts are going to run alongside each other then step 3 is not required (this section of training video shows how this situation is handled in the case of clients)

Step 1 is familiar and requires no further explanation.

Transferring bookings between contracts

If you have a client or care worker with multiple active contracts there will be an option on the context menu to Transfer Events Between Contracts which brings up a modal dialog as shown:

There are several ways of using this as shown in the bullet point list, but all of them require the Transfer From and Transfer To selects to be populated.

Finishing contracts

Once all the bookings are allocated to the correct contract then you can finish the "old" contract if required.