Sometimes, as businesses grow, an organisation will become too big for the staff managing it.  It is generally possible to split such teams into smaller more manageable groups, but there are some things you need to bear in mind:

What can go wrongMitigationComments
Bookings can become unassigned.  This does not happen to bookings where the carer has already signed in, but any other booking where the carer and client end up in different leaf nodes will end up as unallocated with the message "<Carer> belongs to the wrong organisation to care for <client>" explaining why the carer is no longer allocatedTo stop this happening you should move all carers who provide care to anyone in either of the split teams to a higher level organisation (which you acn create specifically for this purpose) at least until things have settled down in the new teams.  If / When the teams have become completely split, carers can be moved down to the leaf nodes.Note that the worst case here is that events appear unallocated - there will almost certainly be time to sort it out before there is a missed visit.
People moved into the new team may belong to tariff groupings (contracts / grades) defined in the old teamCheck whether the team you are moving people from has a Tariff Structure or anything defined in the Tariff Framework tab.  If it does then seek advice from your support provider.
Bookings may be of a type or contain expenses of a type that belong to the source team, and will not be available to the destination team.

Log in as an Admin user and look at all the event types and expense types they have access to, checking to see if any belong to the source organisation,