Overtime it may be necessary to make changes to the careplan structure.  This could be due to a changes such as regulation or service improvement.

To change the current care plan structure (if you aren't sure which one is current check the Careplans tab in the Organisation setup):

1) Setup > Careplan structures

2) Select your current Careplan template

3) From the Careplan structure menu choose Copy Structure - a new template with today's date and time is created

4) Make your changes

5) Leave in experimental mode

6) Go to Setup > Organisations, select the Organisation the template applies to, then go to the careplans tab

7) In the available careplan structures section, use the Add button

8) Optionally use the dates to make the structure available from a certain date

9) Once you have tested the structure and are happy with it, return to the template and remove the experimental mode tick

10) Optionally set an end date of the original template in the organisation careplans tab (if you do not do this the user will be prompted to select which template to use) - it is possible to have more than one care plan template live because some organisations have different care plan types for different groups of clients (for example supported living vs homecare).

Note: it is not necessary to have multiple careplan templates live in scenarios where a section may only be relevant to a group of clients, in this case the section can be made as shown below.