There are two methods to tell the system about a service user's RFID tag.  Both require you to have the tag to hand.

Using the mobile device (admin users only)

RFID tags can be added to the system using the mobile app by an administrator as follows:

  • Log into Plait Mobile as an admin user
  • Swipe right to bring up the menu, and select the Clients option
  • Select the client
  • Swipe right to bring up the menu again.
  • Select Associate Tag from the Client section of the menu.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the tag and then click on OK.

Using the back office Plait system

  • Find the ID of the RFID card.  You can use an app such as read-nfc to do this.  The ID needs to be in a format like 07:18:29:3A:4B:5C:6D.
  • Find the id of the client by searching for them on the system - the client id is the long string of numbers and letters a-f in the URL
  • Navigate to the URL client id /edit (you will probably have everything apart from the nfc bit in your address bar).
  • Enter the ID of the RFID card
  • Save the record by clicking on Save or doing Ctrl + Shift + S