For a care worker to log in successfully Plait requires two levels of security:

  1. Care worker needs to sign in (by entering user name and password or by swiping an RFID tag)
  2. The phone needs have been set up on the system

This means that a Plait administrator needs to set up the phone for each care worker.  They do that as follows:

  1. Logging in to Plait Mobile on the phone with their Plait username and password
  2. Bring up the menu by clicking on the "hamburger" (top left) or by swiping the screen from the left.
  3. Click on "Assign Phone & Tag".  You will see one of two screens, depending on whether the phone has already been assigned to a care worker:
    in the latter case click on he UNASSIGN button (you will then see the "This phone is not currently assigned .." message)
  4. Type in enough of the forename or surname of the care worker that their name appears with an "ASSIGN"button.
  5. The following screen appears:
  6. Swipe the care worker's RFID tag (mos phones will beep at this point) and then click "OK".

  7. Go to the menu (by pressing the hamburger or swiping from the left) and select "Clear Cache and Log Out"

  8. Give the phone and RFID tag to the care worker and get them to log in.