As you will know, when you get a prescription from the doctor it will say something along the lines of "Take 2 tablets 3 times a day".  

The Plait system allows users to set up slots that match these instructions and add medicines to those slots by clicking on the first session for a prescription in the client calendar.

Alarms are generated for sessions that have not been administered (or prompted etc)  the end of the session as it appears on the calendar - which is 60 minutes after the specified slot start hour.  The alarm appears on the user's workflow list (unless it has been suppressed).  In a standalone eMAR implementation, or when the session is not matched with a booking, the medication session for which an alarm is raised will be displayed in red.

If you would like the alarm to be raised later than 60 minutes after the session start you can enter your prefered number of minutes in the Medication Grace Period (mins) field of the Medication tab of the Organisation record.