Plait has a number of "tricks" when it comes to allocating bookings to care workers (or runs).

In the simplest case you can click in the Care Worker or Run control and type in the name (forename or surname) of the care worker you want to allocate the booking to.   If they are available, they will appear in the selection options (along with other matching carers / runs).

If they are not available, they will not appear.  If you want to know why they are not available, type in enough of the name to ensure that there are unlikely to be many care workers / runs with matching names, then type ?.  This will bring up an error flash telling you why matching care workers are not available, along with (where appropriate) links to the best place to go to make changes or find out more.

In addition to typing in the name of a specific care worker or run, you can use the following wild cards:

  1. ? - find every carer and every run who can match the booking - even if warnings have to be dealt with
  2. *? - return everyone, either as a result or a fail as appropriate
  3. run* - find all runs that can match the booking
  4. run*? - return all runs, either as a result or as a fail
  5. carer* - find all available carers that can match the booking
  6. carer*? - return all carers, either as a result or as a fail

In the cases that end *? the options that are not available will appear struck out in the options.

 - select them to see why they are not an acceptable allocation: