Some providers like to plan their care in "Runs", and then have a carer (or sometimes two carers) do the whole run.  This makes planning less flexible, and sometimes clients don't get the precise start time for a visit they would want, but it can make allocation simpler and the business more efficient.

You create a run by selecting Run from the New menu and filling in this form:

You will only be able to allocate bookings to the run between the First Day of the Run and when (if specified) it Ends.  

Once the run has been saved you can allocate bookings to the run as though it were a carer (unless you have set the Number of Workers to a number greater than 1, in which case you can treat it as multiple workers.

You can then assign the run to a care worker (or multiple care workers).  This is done by clicking in the top section of the Run calendar or the care worker calendar.  You can assign for one day, or, by clicking on the Repeat checkbox, for a recurrence pattern (such as weekly).

At this point, the system checks whether the care worker can actually perform the duties in the run, checking all the criteria that are checked at the point of assigning a care worker in the normal way.