Reports in Plait are run from standard queries that are stored in the database.  As report templates are just data you can search for them in the same way as you search for Clients or Care workers, by typing the name in the search box.

So to get a list of current clients, just type current clients in the search box:

Sometimes it isn't that obvious what to type, so you might need to use scopes or special characters, as you can in all searches.  See this FAQ.  You can get a complete list of the all reports here - but clicking on a report will take you to the report setup rather than the report runner (this will give you the report title, so you can use the search input to find it - and that will take you to the report runner).

When you click on the report name in the search results you will be taken to the report runner

Select your report output format and then click on Run Report.  Some reports will have runtime parameters or even mail merge documents to configure at this stage.  A very common set of runtime parameters is start and end of the report period. 

Although these values are formatted as dates, they are actually datetimes, with the 00:00 suppressed as all reports are for a multiple of days.  So a report for a month needs to have a start and finish of (for example) 01/02/2022 - 01/03/2022 (because 01/03/2022 is really 01/03/2022 00:00 - so nothing from March gets included).  So the screenshot above shows a report that covers a week.

You can export reports as CSV, which is useful for doing things in a spreadsheet.  If you are a SQL wizard you can also use SQLite as discussed here.

If you cannot find the report you want, you can create it yourself - see this FAQ.

The partial list of reports below is out of date and omits several new reports. It will not be maintained.

Customers / Service Users

Current Customers
Current Customers (addresses for mailmerge)
Customers and Purchasing Arrangements
Invoice Report
Travel Costs by Client (and a variant)
Customers and their Purchasers
Clients and Contracts
Customers with addresses that could not be geocoded

Care / Support Workers

Current Care Workers
Care Workers without Payroll Number
Pay Advice Report
Preparedness for Mobile
Application Sources
Current Care Workers and Grades
Care workers with addresses that could not be geocoded

Care Service

Event Summary
Weekly Hours Summary
Hours by contract and event type
Carer hours by contract and event type
Logging Compliance Report
KPI: Unallocated events


Medication Statistics by Organisation
Flammable Medication
Medication Alerts
Medication Administration in the last week
Medication - customer monthly totals

System / Miscellaneous

Most recent user activity
Last activity by organisation
Photos in decreasing size order
People with address that failed geocoding