You can get a complete list of the reports set up as templates by searching for report:(with a colon).  Other options are available - see this FAQ.

Customers / Service Users

Current Customers
Current Customers (addresses for mailmerge)
Customers and Purchasing Arrangements
Invoice Report
Travel Costs by Client (and a variant)
Customers and their Purchasers
Clients and Contracts
Customers with addresses that could not be geocoded

Care / Support Workers

Current Care Workers
Care Workers without Payroll Number
Pay Advice Report
Preparedness for Mobile
Application Sources
Current Care Workers and Grades
Care workers with addresses that could not be geocoded

Care Service

Event Summary
Weekly Hours Summary
Hours by contract and event type
Carer hours by contract and event type
Logging Compliance Report
KPI: Unallocated events


Medication Statistics by Organisation
Flammable Medication
Medication Alerts
Medication Administration in the last week
Medication - customer monthly totals

System / Miscellaneous

Most recent user activity
Last activity by organisation
Photos in decreasing size order
People with address that failed geocoding