Plait Mobile is the app that care workers use to get their schedules / access MAR charts / write visit logs etc.  It is therefore a critical tool, and on the rare occasion that things go wrong, important that it can be put right quickly.  

This is a list of things have happened to people and how to fix them:

Blank / Unresponsive Screen

If you get a blank or unresponsive screen when you start up the app, it has likely not installed properly or become corrupted on the phone.  Remove and re-install the app from the Play Store / App Store.

Missing / Partial Data

Like all mobile systems that work with back end databases Plait Mobile has to keep a partial copy of the main database on the phone for when the user is out of signal.  This is called caching, and it is a difficult thing to do at the best of times - even more so when dependent on a potentially unreliable mobile data signal.  Very occasionally we have been informed of people seeing screens with missing medication names or similar and it seems these can always be fixed (if you have a mobile signal) by re-initialising the cache or logging out and back in again.  

From the hamburger menu

at the top left of the screen select Clear Cache and Log Out (if it is not available see the Blue Header section below)

Blue Header

Occasionally a blue header (which indicates the phone has some data for the server and is in signal - see this FAQ) persists for more than a few seconds.  This means that something has gone wrong and the phone is no longer properly communicating with the server.  We believe this can always be fixed by one of these two methods:

  1. exit the app and restart it when you have a good signal
  2. switch on aircraft mode and then switch it off again

In either case the updates should be flushed within a short time (which should give you a light grey background).