Note: This article relates to the back office / web browser system,not the mobile app.  For troubles logging in to the mobile app see Troubleshooting the Plait Mobile app.

If you have problems logging in to (or the preview release at  it is generally down to one of two things:

  1. You are entering your username incorrectly.  

    Plait is unusual in that case sensitivity is significant in the username (even though the username is very often an email, and emails are case insensitive). Make sure you are entering the username in the correct case.

    If you did not change your username when you first set your password up then your username is going to be your email, as entered by the user who set up your account - ask them to tell you what combination of case they used, as your email on the system has probably not changed. Alternatively, if you still have access to the email address your account is registered to, you can reset your username and password here. If you cannot figure out what email was used you should either open a ticket or get your manager to set you up as another user.

  2. You are entering your password incorrectly.

    Password is case sensitive, as it is in most systems - check your Caps Lock.

    If you still have access to the email address associated with your user then you can reset your password here.